If you’re unfamiliar with installing or using Ghost, read the Getting Started documentation first.


To make your blog look like the demo, follow the steps below using the files provided in the theme download.

Upon completion, save all edited files, restart the Ghost/Node service, and then refresh your browser to see your changes.

General Settings

  1. Blog Title: LaunchRamp
  2. Blog Description: A lightweight Ghost theme that elevates your blogging
  3. Blog Logo: Leave blank
  4. Blog Cover: Upload blog-cover.png to this field
  5. Email Address: Your email
  6. Posts per page: 3
  7. Data Permalinks: Leave unchecked
  8. Theme: launchramp
  9. Save

User Settings

  1. Change Cover: Upload blog-cover.png to this field
  2. Edit Picture: Upload your photo to this field
  3. Name: Your full name
  4. Email: Your email
  5. Location: New Berlin, WI
  6. Website: (http:// prefix required!)
  7. Bio: “For what is the gift of the poet and the artist except to see the sights which others cannot see and to hear the sounds that others cannot hear?”
  8. Save

Comment Section

In this theme, Disqus comments are installed by default. To enable comments, follow these steps:

  1. Setup a FREE Disqus account Ex:
  2. Open default.hbs
  3. Locate var disqus_shortname = '';
  4. Add the shortname you chose when you created your Disqus account. Ex: var disqus_shortname = 'myblog';
  5. Save

Main Menu

  1. Publish a few pages. For each post you want to use as a page:
    1. Locate the gear icon to the left of the “Save Draft/Publish Post/Update Post” button
    2. Make sure that “Static Page” checkbox is checked
    3. Save/Update Page
  2. Open launchramp/partials/menu.hbs
  3. Manually add your pages to the list.
  4. Save

Syntax Example: <li><a href="/an-example-page/">An Example Page</a></li>


Color Scheme

  1. Open default.hbs
  2. Locate <div id="launchramp" class="hue-default">
  3. Replace the class value. Ex: <div id="launchramp" class="hue-red-orange">
  4. Save

Options: hue-red, hue-red-orange, hue-orange, hue-orange-yellow, hue-yellow, hue-yellow-green, hue-green, hue-green-blue, hue-blue, hue-blue-indigo, hue-indigo, hue-indigo-purple, hue-purple, hue-purple-red, hue-brown.

Header Logo

For best results, use a white logo with a transparent background, no larger in width than 800 pixels, and saved as a png.

Background Images

In this theme, the Blog Cover setting affects the header and pagination areas only. The author background is independent for better personalization. For best results, use a tileable/patterned image.



  1. Online LaunchRamp documentation here
  2. Compliments, feature requests, or trouble shooting handled via @KickturnPress


v2.0 [Sep 29 2014]
 + Update to Ghost 0.5.2
 + Added support for multi-author
 + Added user icon and extra social icons
v1.0 [Mar 18 2014]
 + Initial Release (Ghost 0.4.0)